My work abstracts the journey of being active online and the continual merging of our on and offline identities. I am fascinated by the normalization of online personas and the effect it has on introspection. How emotions are viewed, felt, and exchanged have drastically changed as more platforms become necessary tools for modern living. I find inspiration from the oddities that arise during this exchange. In my work, I hypothesize artifacts of online activities and an augmented vail of the human experiences. The work focuses on two main elements: the psychological effects of media on the users, and the artifacts that are collaboratively left behind.


I approach this dichotomy through the action of collage where I collect materials to use in video, photography, installation and time-based objects. The material often includes childish objects, punchy color schemes, and quick, oftentimes broken, language. I use objects created in mass to mimic eye-catching topics used by online companies to increase revenue by enticing people to click. Repetitive elements and unclear vantage points are used to metaphorically extend and collapse space in order to communicate the potential of a new object to body relationship.